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Payette Lakes WWTF Headworks Improvements

McCall, Idaho



Project Manager: Tyler Irwin

Superintendent: Jess Phillips

Contract Amount: $2,592,000.00

Owner: Payette Lakes Recreational Water and Sewer District

Engineer: J.U.B Engineers, Inc.

Project Start: Spring 2020

Project Completion: January 2021

Job Description: The 2019 Headworks Improvement project is an upgrade to the District’s wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), and generally includes the following:

-Build new screening and grit removal facilities

-Build new headworks building

-Bypass pumping of influent flow

-Demolition of existing 18-inch and 21-inch piping and replace with 21 and 24-inch piping respectively

-Build new junction boxes

-Install new gates in existing junction boxes and reroute flow to new headworks

NAS Whidbey Southern GETR System

Oak Harbor, Washington



Project Manager: Dean Irwin

Superintendent: TBD

Owner/Engineer: NAVFAC NW

Project Start: Fall 2019

Project Completion: Spring 2021

Job Description:

-Installing a new groundwater treatment system along State Route (SR) 20 that will use advanced oxidation processes (AOP) to remove chlorinated COCs and 1,4-dioxane from extracted groundwater.

-Replacing the existing air stripper treatment system at Area 6 with an AOP system.

Molalla Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Molalla, Oregon



Project Manager: Tyler Irwin

Superintendent: Josh Johnson

Contract Amount: $1,395,000.00

Owner: City of Molalla

Engineer: The Dyer Partnership Engineers & Planners, Inc.

Project Start: Fall 2019

Project Completion: Summer 2020

Job Description: Construction of an additional water treatment unit and all associated piping, equipment, controls, and materials necessary for the complete packaged water treatment unit installation. The package includes:

-One 1,400-gpm treatment unit and associated equipment

-Electrical, controls, and instrumentation

-Chemical feed system modifications

-Replacement of existing backwash pump

-Miscellaneous valves and fittings

-Site piping, supports and appurtenances.

-Replacement of Sodium Hypochlorite tanks, chemical feed line and piping

-Demolition and decomissioning of Filters #3 and #4 and associated equipment, controls, piping & appurtenances

-Install new Cat6 in the WTP, and install new fiber cable between the WTP and Influent Pump Station (IPS)

Yodelin Creek Bridge

Leavenworth, Washington



Project Manager: Tyler Irwin

Superintendent: Craig Conrad

Contract Amount: $958,569.00

Owner: Chelan County Public Works Department

Engineer: Chelan County

Project Start: August 2019

Project Completion: October 2019

Job Description: Contract provides for the improvement of the Yodelin Creek Bridge Project, by constructing roadway excavation including haul, channel excavation, common borrow incl. haul, structure excavation, concrete class 4000 for bridge, steel reinforcement bar, pre-stressed concrete girder W35DG, waterproof membrane, cast-in-place concrete barrier, bridge railing, utility relocation, crushed surfacing, HMA Class 1/2In. PG64-28.

Town of Coupeville Water Supply Improvements

Coupeville, Washington



Project Manager: Dean Irwin & Tyler Irwin

Superintendent: Jess Phillips

Contract Amount: $4,306,694.00

Owner: U.S. Navy

Engineer: APTIM & CH2M Hill

Project Start: February 18, 2019

Project Completion: June 2019

Job Description: The Work will provide the Owner with a Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) treatment system to maintain PFOA and PFOS concentrations below the USEPA 70 ppt LHA level, and extend the Owner’s distribution system to provide municipal drinking water to residences whose private supply wells have been impacted.

Lakota Turbo Blowers Installation & Upgrade

Federal Way, Washington



Project Manager: Tyler Irwin

Superintendent: Lorres Golbienko

Contract Amount: $1,134,272.40

Owner: Lakehaven Water & Sewer District

Engineer: BHC Consultants

Project Start: March 2019

Project Completion: October 2019

Job Description: Proposed work consists of all labor, materials and equipment necessary for installation of Owner-furnished blower equipment at the Lakota Wastewater Treatment Plant.

City of Huntington Wastewater System Improvements

Huntington, Oregon



Project Manager: Tyler Irwin

Superintendent: Jess Phillips

Contract Amount: $3,035,255

Owner: City of Huntington


Project Start: July 23rd, 2018

Project Completion: June 2019

Job Description: Project consists of construction of a brand new wastewater treatment facility including: new headworks, package treatment utilizing integrated fixed film activated sludge unit process, ultraviolet light disinfection, flow monitoring, sludge storage ponds and site improvements.

Eagle Creek National Fish Hatchery: Adult Holding Pond Rehabilitation Project

Estacada, Oregon



Project Manager: Tyler Irwin

Superintendent: Josh Johnson

Contract Amount: $886,265

Owner: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Engineer: McMillen Jacobs Associates

Project Start: Spring 2018

Project Completion: 170 Calendar Days

Job Description: Construction consists of rehabilitating the existing adult fish holding pond and fish ladder at the Eagle Creek National Fish Hatchery.